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So Many Cameras, So Little Time

Without the camera there is no film, no movie to make. If you start making film on a regular basis you will learn to capture image with a number of different cameras. You will have your favorite but there will be many different ones that you have to hold. At a certain point using film [...]

Why Should I Go Into Film Making?

You should be able to find several indispensable facts about Film Making in the following paragraphs. If there’s at least one fact you didn’t know before, imagine the difference it might make. Most people love watching movies, many of them are excited by the prospect of watching the much anticipated movie on the huge screen. [...]

Why Should I Worl For Free In Film Making?

Would you like to find out what those-in-the-know have to say about Film Making? The information in the article below comes straight from well-informed experts with special knowledge about Film Making. When you work for free in the film making business, it will not be because you don’t need or want to get paid. It [...]

What About Internships In Film Making?

If you’re seriously interested in knowing about Film Making, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about Film Making. A job in film making is like any other position you apply for. If you have no experience, you will probably not get [...]

What About Investing In Film Making?

When you’re learning about something new, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of relevant information available. This informative article should help you focus on the central points. You need to practice caution when thinking of investing in film making. Many people who are quite financially successful, often loose their investment, when putting [...]

What Is The Best Way To Get Into Film Making?

When most people think of Film Making, what comes to mind is usually basic information that’s not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there’s a lot more to Film Making than just the basics. To find a job in film making is quite a difficult task, film making is not widely advertised. Film makers looking for [...]

The Joys of Film School

For the aspiring filmmaker film school is a joy. Not only does it serve to give you the rudimentary skill set you will need, but also it serves to mold your passion and give you the momentum once leaving school, to produce work that is fresh and new. There are several schools in this country [...]

What About The Cannes Festival And Film Making?

Do you ever feel like you know just enough about Film Making to be dangerous? Let’s see if we can fill in some of the gaps with the latest info from Film Making experts. For 12 days in the month of May the city of Cannes celebrates the National Film Agency. The town is filled [...]

What Exactly Is Film Making?

I guess the word speaks for itself, film making is the process of making a film from a story idea you have yourself, or being hired by another to make a film. A film maker is in charge of script writing, shooting, editing and distribution to the public. Film making involves the employment of a [...]

What About Film Making And The Internet?

This is a most exciting time for independent film makers. Now that the internet and digital technology have paired up, we are seeing the old way of Hollywood shifting to the new independent film makers. The emergence of this technology has paved the way to new markets and tools for the film making industry. Most [...]